Swatantra  Barajaguli

A Social & Cultural Welfare Organiization

About Us


" SWATANTRA " is the name of a holy soul which consecrates its virtues through some young and enthusiastic minds. We unite ourselves for the well-being of the society and it's beings. Swatantra thinks that every person grows up taking the essence of the society. So,everyone has the responsibility to give something back to the society. Swatantra is not the first to enter in this domain but confident to prove itself to be best...

About Ignitra

The word "Ignitra" is derived for the English word "ignite" which means "to instigate". Really every human being has some unique a quality inside oneself. What is needed is just to instigate everyone to scatter these qualities for the goodness of society and for oneself . Swatantra is very fortunate in carving out a unique niche for itself named "Ignitra" to disseminate its excellence , Innovation , creativity, commitment and heritorial culture towads the broader / greater post of mankind. “IGNITRA” is the holy eve organized by “ SWATANTRA “ for the social and cultural cause.

Background In Brief

Foundation:- Few motivated young pals with their visionary dream founded "swatantra" on 09/06/2013 without any political colour and political influence under the open sky.
 Motto:- From the starting day vision and ambition of " swatantra" are "for the society ,by the society and of the society" INA unique style for the contemporary events.time aims of "swatantra" are -----
(a) To make the world a better place ( environment friendly) to live in. 
(b) To soften and smoothen the pathway of our next gen. 
(c) To serve the "untold" but needful communities of our society and "untold" areas of application.
(d) To encourage the people to channelize the qualities they have inside.
(e) To restore and pioneer our heritage culture.
(f ) To do things in a unique manners as we are “SWATANTRA”.